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SAMURIKI Brisket Knife

SAMURIKI Brisket Knife

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SAMURIKI Brisket Knife - Ultimate 12-inch Carving Knife, Slicing Knife with Granton Edge Designed for Briskets, Roasts, Meat, BBQ, etc.

CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY - Clever, resourceful, modern thinking. It’s how we transformed an ancient craft to the modern age. It’s the path we took to achieving an amazing knife at an affordable price. Our knives were manufactured in a high-tech factory; taking advantage of latest advancements in technology to produce highly precise, laser-controlled edge for an ideal cutting angle of 15 degrees. It is then honed and hand-finished by highly skilled artisans for unbeatable performance. It’s an optimal use of technology and humans. The result is a knife that is so sharp, so balanced and so consistent. It is also affordable while delivering an unrivaled performance.

PROPRIETARY HIGH CARBON STEEL - Material matters. Durability matters. Our blade is made from proprietary high carbon steel that has been tweaked to keep the blade superiorly resilient. The result is a knife that starts sharp and stays sharp longer. It is also able to withstand heavy use without chipping.  

PRECISION-FORGED DESIGN - It’s true. You can feel a balanced knife when you hold one. And it’s an important detail. Our knife is forged from a single piece of steel. We also finalized the design after numerous iterations to achieve a sturdy and balanced feel. Hold our knife in your hand and it just feels right. Feel the quality. Feel the difference.

KNIFE OBSESSION - No, we don’t make pans, pots, spatulas or the likes. We only make knives and we’re obsessed with making knives. It’s all we think about all day every day. For this carving knife, along with a beautiful Pakkawood handle, what we achieved was a knife that is comfortable to hold, easy to control, razor sharp and carve effortlessly. It is perfect for brisket, bbq, roasts, meat, poultry, etc. And its Granton edge that has been optimally designed to minimize food sticking to the blade.

FANATICAL AMERICAN SUPPORT - Our business is built to meet the demands of modern American standards. We manufacture high quality products and provide amazing customer support. If you need help caring for your product, have questions about the product or need to obtain warranty service, you can reach us easily. You can contact us via multiple channels of communication and we will reply promptly. Your satisfaction is also unconditionally guaranteed. You never risk a penny with Samuriki.

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