Whetstone Tips

1) Soak the whetstone in water between five and ten minutes. The stone has absorbed the optimum amount of water when no air bubbles appear.

2) Apply water while sharpening, this combines with small particles released from the stone to form an abrasive substance, allowing sharpening to take place.

3) Placing the stone on a slip-resistant base. Start using the coarse grit of the stone.

4) Maintaining an angle of 15-20 degrees, move the blade back and forth - towards and away from the body, across the entire stone using light pressure.

5) Starting at the tip, pull the blade over the stone through to the middle and down the base of the blade. After a short time, a fine edge will have developed.

6) Turn the knife over and repeat this process several times as necessary.

7) To finish, pull the blade twice at an angle to the cutting edge to remove the last burrs. Your knife should now be really sharp.

8) Rinse the knives carefully in hot water.

9) Rinse the whetstone and clean away any grinding residue.