Our Story

In 2020, our founder Oliver got serious about cooking. He wanted better knives for easier cutting. Not just sharp, but crazy sharp. Not just a knife, but an extraordinary knife. He wanted them gorgeous and long lasting. And he also wanted them at $50 or less. He found none and there came his calling! Our products answer a cook's desire on quality as well as affordability.

With years of experience in manufacturing working for a major multinational company, he knew this was unacceptable and decided to do something about it.

So here's what it's all about…

The market is flooded with advertisements and influencers that promote products that benefit them, not you. It’s mostly paid endorsements out there. As a result, it’s very difficult to determine which knives are actually remarkable. You have to buy a ton only to find out none good as advertised.

If you're an avid home cook, you’re likely where our founder was. You eventually wanted better knives and you went to buy some to upgrade your kitchen. You relied on recommendations and product reviews. But you ended up with knives that don’t offer the quality and sharpness you desire. They all claim sharp and high quality, but it never turned out that way.

They say your satisfaction is guaranteed but they make you pay for shipping it back. Their warranty policy is lengthy, confusing and seems written for lawyers. You always got ripped off. You spent $60, $70, or more for low performance, dull knives. You thought you had to settle for mediocre because the famous good knife brands all cost hundreds of dollars.

Not anymore! Introducing Samuriki knives. We’re different. We expertly craft sharp, amazing knives and guarantee your satisfaction with clear and simple terms, no conditions attached.

We've designed our knives from the ground up, using proprietary premium high carbon steel combined with the latest technologies to manufacture the blades, then hand sharpened for a final perfect touch. What you'll find are blades that have an unparalleled combination of precision and performance. Knives that are so sharp, so amazing that you can't get just one, but the whole series and more for family and friends.

Because of utilization of the latest technologies and direct-to-consumer approach, we can bring these knives to you at a fraction of what you’d find in similar quality knives.

Hold one of our knives in your hand to cut, dice, and trim... and see what you've been missing. Let’s start making cooking fun and enjoyable again.

And don’t you worry if our knives somehow may fall short of your expectations. We boldly guarantee your satisfaction without any conditions. If you’re not happy, you have 90 days to get a FULL refund (including any shipping fees). You don’t have to provide any reason. You also don't need to pay for return shipping. Just contact us for a free pre-paid return label and send it back.

That's right. In the unlikely event that you don't love the knife, you will not have to pay any shipping to send them back. We'll issue the refund within 2 business days of receiving the item, which you can tell by shipping tracking information.

You don't risk a penny, so grab at least one of our knives today and see what you've been missing.